Seven Barks is a boutique specialty paper company from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, that makes vintage inspired goods. Our focus: Keeping past positivity and good feels alive by celebrating the uniquely universal love that animal lovers have for their pets.  We do this by curating a whimsical and nostalgic collection of authentic vintage photos- mostly from the 1920's, 30's and 40's- that remind us of America’s love affair with its animals, which also translates globally. Our current collections feature canine, equine, farm/fair, and fishing themes.


All of our animal paper products are made right here in America, out of quality recycled materials and are assembled in our office by the assistance of our 'differently abled' production assistants.  We believe that everyone has the right to share in a sense of accomplishments and the pride of a job well done.  Our animal-themed paper goods are enjoyed by all of our great customers!

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